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Selected references:

To the development of structure  solution methods:

"Advances in direct methods for protein crystallography".
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"Ab Initio phasing".
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"Locating the anomalous scatterer substructures in halide and sulfur phasing".
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Refinement tutorial of the mini-protein Pn1a


To the human sulfatase deficiencies:

"Crystal structure of an enzyme substrate complex provides insight to the interaction between human arylsulfatase A and its substrates during catalysis".
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"1.3 Å structure of arylsulfatase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa establishes the catalytic mechanism of sulfate ester cleavage in the sulfatase family".
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Ph.D. Thesis from Dr. Rixa von Bülow

Dr. Rixa von Bülow and a 3D model of a human sulfatase


Structures of human and bacterial arylsulfatases


To the structures of stabilised immunoglobulin fragments:

"Contribution of the intramolecular disulfide bridge to the folding stability of REIv, the variable domain of a human immunoglobulin K light chain" Folding & Design 1 (1996) 431.

"X-Ray crystallography reveals stringent conservation of protein fold after removal of the only disulfide bridge from a stabilized immunoglobulin variable domain" Folding & Design 2 (1997) 357.

"1.7 Å structure of the stabilised REIv mutant  T39K.  Application of local NCS restraints".
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Structures of REI variants


To the structures of metal clusters:

"A highly symmetrical octa-Palladium(I) compound: Crystal structure of {[Pd(SC6F5)(dppm)Pd](SC6F5)}4. 2 O(C2 H5)2" Inorg. Chem. (1993), 32, 1066.

"Intensity scaling: a trick to solve a structure with third row metals on special positions". Abstract M172, session "Problem structures: solution, tricks and pleas for help" July 1995; Montreal, ACA annual meeting.

Structures of metal clusters

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