Molecular Biology 2010

Week 0: Spectroscopy

This year I volunteered to give an introduction to spectroscopy during "week 0". I hope the student enjoyed it as much as I did. Here is the handout:

slides for introduction to spectroscopyspectroscopy.pdf size: 2.7MB; md5sum: 3471c2cefb2739ff8619b739bbfeb59d

Macromolecular Crystallography

These are the handouts for the actual lectures and tutorials:

Day 1 (Oct 26th): slides for crystallography lecture, day1Slides size: 4.9MB; md5sum: 20dba0b6119251a8ca9fb94f3e0673bb
Keywords: X-rays, Crystals, Spacegroups and Symmetry, Phasing (MR, MIR, S/MAD)

Day 2 (Oct 29th): slides for crystallography lecture, day2Tutorial Study questions size: 1.1MB; md5sum: 20dba0b6119251a8ca9fb94f3e0673bb

Day 3 (Nov 1st): slides for crystallography lecture, day3Slides size: 7.4MB; md5sum: 040cf65f3fe110198918b0f2424a9b43
Keywords: Refinement and Model Building, Validation

Day 4 (Nov 2nd): Discussion of the following articles:

Tim Grüne

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