Molecular Biology 2009

Especially the lecture of the first day has been modified quite a bit. The notes include a short part about interference which was, however, skipped during the actual lecture. I realised that it would require a better introduction.

Printouts for the talks

Day PDF-File Size md5sum
Monday (Day 1) lecture day 1 8.4MB 052f2484e34f1e086cfa041961349d6a
Thursday (Day 3) lecture day 3 4.7MB c5272da2abf70cebc0079b2874d3221c

Printouts for the exercises

The exercises this year were meant to start a discussion. I did not prepare an answer sheet this year.

Day File Size md5sum
Tuesday (Day 2) download day2 (questions) 1.2MB 5952e44e34fbeeb5105af9dd23f40dd0

There is no exercise sheet for Friday. Instead I distributed the first four pages of the following articles:

The data from the crystallographic tables and open questions from the lectures were discussed.

Printouts for the Practical

The download tutorial)tutorial changed only slightly compared to download tutorial)last year. Rasmol was replaced with PyMol and one section was added at the end to encourage the students to play with PyMol in case they finish early.

Tim Grüne

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