Molecular Biology 2008

The lecture layout has been simplified (no overview on each page for the sake of better visibility) and a few pages got changed.

Printouts for the talks

Day PDF-File Size md5sum
Monday (Day 1) lecture day 1 7.2MB 5569566c6cbf17f8d92ccfb1c6f6940d
Thursday (Day 3) lecture day 3 4.8MB 2d5b6e77e41453bb37bdcc2c683a53b6

Printouts for the exercises including answers

Day File Size md5sum
Tuesday (Day 2) download day2 (questions) 352kB f789637e8a728cd1e6a42629bd461173
Friday (Day 4) download day4 70kB b181440f12a488081cb6832ba6175193

Printouts for the Practical

For the computer part of the practical, there is a hand-out available.

download tutorialTutorial (978kB) The tutors amended this tutorial by an introduction to pymol, which is not part of this written tutorial. The data for the exercises can be found in this directory.
Tim Grüne
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