Molecular Biology 2007

This year's lecture notes did not change much compared to last year. I mostly incorporated corrections and minor improvements (I hope ...).

Printouts for the talks

Day PDF-File Size md5sum
Monday (Day 1) lecture day 1 8.6MB 83bb6a49562ba71f6436bfc3b178a91c
Thursday (Day 3) lecture day 3 4.9MB 6221169598d3d1ca74bec5ccf34604f1

Printouts for the exercises

Will be completed soon.

Day File Size md5sum
Tuesday (Day 2) download day2 (questions) 143kB 9df80c2db6dcc186aa16ba572072780d
Friday (Day 4) download day4 N/A, yet 44870d02aa6fbb8475fe22d5e3998880

Printouts for the Practical

For the computer part of the practical, there is a hand-out available.

download tutorialTutorial
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