Molecular Biology 2006

As opposed to the previous two years, this year the days were separated in lecture (Monday (day1) and Thursday (day 3)) and exercises (Tuesday (day 2) and Friday (day 4)). Therefore there are only two files for the lectures and two files for the exercises.

Printouts for the talks

Day PDF-File Size md5sum
Monday (Day 1) lecture day 31 on 1 8.6MB c0fa25c5dbccbb84ef1067d743c47214
Monday lecture day 34 on 1 N/A yet N/A yet
Thursday (Day 2) lecture day 31 on 1 5.2MB a8ecf94273fce88eaad807a6fbd86a6f
Thursday lecture day 34 on 1 N/A yet N/A yet

Printouts for the Exercises

Will be completed soon.
Day File Size md5sum
Tuesday (Day 2) download day21 on 1 50kB 88e96748b972d8c93326a7a9e8e78850
Friday (Day 2) download day41 on 1 363kB 6a1297b2824630f0670df26d0eb4bb77

Printouts for the Practical

For the computer part of the practical, there is a hand-out available.

download tutorial 1 on 1 size: 755kB, md5sum: 84341dc5f8fe4c5f4694c1a0f2dd9b32

Tim Grüne
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