Molecular Biology 2004

These are the hands-out for a 4-days introduction to crystallography I gave in November 2004 for the MSc/PhD Program of the University of Göttingen and the Max-Planck-Institue for Biochemistry and Experimental Medicine.

Print-outs for the talks

The original PDF-file contains one page per sheet, while the second form contains two pages per sheet.
Day original file size 2 pages/sheet size
Day 1 day1.pdf 4.0 MB day1_2on1.pdf 0.6 MB
Day 2 day2.pdf 1.1 MB day2_2on1.pdf 0.4 MB
Day 3 day3.pdf 2.2 MB day3_2on1.pdf 0.6 MB
Day 4 day4.pdf 2.4 MB day4_2on1.pdf 1.0 MB

Questions and their answers

These are the questions for the tutorials following each lecture. On day 4 there was a general discussion rather than questions.
Day questions size answers size
Day 1 day1.pdf 2.0 MB day1_2on1.pdf 2.1 MB
Day 2 day2.pdf 33 kB day2_2on1.pdf 40 kB
Day 3 day3.pdf 33 kB day3_2on1.pdf 37 kB

The files were created with pdflatex from the teTeX distribution, xfig for the drawings, and ImageMagick and the GIMP for pictures.

I am sorry the doubly paged versions appear upside down in some PostScript-viewers like ghostscript.

Tim Grüne
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