Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography, part I

This lecture is held annually and addresses people with very little experience in X-ray crystallography.

Lecture Notes 2012

In 2012, the course A57 was joined with the Mol Bio PhD Programme. Please refer to that page for course material.

Lecture Notes 2011

Following are the lecture notes from 2011. The material has not changed much compared to the previous year. It is mostly a revision with spelling corrections and improvments of comprehensability.

Lecture notes 2010

There were only four lecture days this year.

Day 1
Lecture: Crystals and X-ray diffracition
Movie: Movie spherical wave
Movie: Interference of waves
Day 2
Lecture: Symmetry and Spacegroups; Phasing I
Movie: Illustration of a screw axis
Movie: Ewald Sphere and crystal rotation. Shows the reciprocal lattice as it traverses the Ewald sphere while the crystal rotates around the red axis.
Day 3
Phasing II; Model Building and Refinement
Day 4

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