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sfrmtools reads one or more files in Siemens Frame Format (sfrm) and converts them into CBF-files. It also transforms the header information from the sfrm-file into XDS keywords, including a transformation of the two coordinate systems.

Caveat: I have not tested sfrmtools with unwarped images, as I don't have access to a specific data set. You are welcome to share a copy in case the converted images cause problems.


sfrmtools is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Please contact me if this license is not suitable for your purposes.

If you compile sfrmtools for other platforms or operating systems I would appreciate a copy for redistribution.



sfrmtools -h
shows a short usage summary:
! sfrmtools:    Read an sfrm-file, extract experimental         !
!               parameters and convert to the corresponding     !
!               XDS parameters.                                 !
! Copyright:    Tim Gruene, 2014                                !
! Usage: sfrmtools filename.sfrm
!        reads header, extracts, and converts geometric values to XDS keywords
!        sfrmtools -u [-x XDS.INP] [-r prefix | -o outdir] file1.sfrm file2.sfrm ...
!        updates the header of all files according to XDS.INP
!        XDS.INP provided with '-x XDS.INP' or in current directory.
!        Files will be written to outdir\prefix+file1.sfrm.
!        To prevent file corruption, outdir or prefix are required.

Tim Gruene

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