Teaching at CSHL 2014 (Picture courtesy of Jim Pflugrath)

Conference "Biology through Structure" in Santa Fe

I am excited to present my work at the conference Conference "Biology through Structure" in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is hold in honour of Tom Terwilliger, one of the most prolific X-ray methods developers. This conference involves some cutting-edge science, covering for example the structural biology of virusses such as Influenza, Zika or Ebola.

Talk at the FRM II reactor in Garching - Invitation from Jülich

Cherenkov radiation in the reactor pool of the FRM II (Picture: Jürgen Neuhaus, FRM II) I will make a short trip to Garching near Munich, where Andreas Ostermann and Tobias Schrader run a dedicated macromolecular neutron beam line and also new software is developed for this beamline. I will give a talk in the structural group's seminar about data quality and pathologies, and look forward to interesting discussions and analyzing neutron data. I hope I will also see the reactor fromo the inside and experimental stations!

Invitation to the University of Regensburg

I am visiting the University of Regensburg, where I have been invited to talk about structural biologies current challenges in single-particle cryo-EM and crystallography. The title will be "Pushing the boundaries of high-resolution structural biology" and the talk is on May the fourth, so this seems to be a good chance to remind everyone that there are crystals in every light sabre, and that becoming a crystallographer is like becomeing a jedi knight. “The
This quote is from the book International Union of Crystallography Monographs on Crystallography: Crystal Structure Refinement: A Crystallographer's Guide to SHELXL (Oxford University Press, 2006). Just in case you need a literature reference! Apart from this, Regensburg is exploring some very hot topics - researching membrane proteins with cryo-em, SAXS and crystallograpy in the group of Prof. Ziegler; rDNA transcription and chromatins as well as engineering (βα)8-barrel enzymes.

German Crystallographic Meeting DGK in Karlsruhe

I will give a talk about my new software, AUSPEX, at the the German Crystallographic Meeting DGK in Karlsruhe. AUSPEX allows for easy diagnostics of X-ray data deposited in the PDB or from your own measurement. We also uncovered a number of fundamental problems in data processing with the program. Stay tuned!

CCP4 workshop at SPring 8, Japan

Harima Sakura is a G4-type Picodroid, a living entity with self-learning and evolutionary capability. She can shrink down and dive into the world of atoms, invisible to the human eye. In cooperation with a variety of researchers and scientists, she explores the world inside atoms with a strong sense of justice. After a break, I am back at the Japanese CCP4 workshop, at the cleanest synchroron of the world, SPring8, which since my last visit in 2008 now has also a free electron X-ray laser (XFEL), including it's own G4-type Picodroid (see picture).
I am of course also excited to see my Japanese methods developing colleagues.

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