SHELXTL Tutorial
(c) Eftichia Alexopoulos & Fabio Dall'Antonia

Note for German speaking users: the German version is currently more up to date.

outline and coverage of this tutorial
XPREP session for
* space group determination
* data analysis and merging
* generation of the SHELXS INS file
The SHELXS job for structure solution via
* Direct Methods or
* Patterson methods
First steps in XP
graphical inspection and editing of crystallographic structure models
Structural refinement and model updates/interpretation
alternately using the programs
* SHELXL (computational refinement)
* XP (graphical modeling)

Crash course for Linux rookies (optional)
explaining the essential basics for this tutotial
German version

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This tutorial has been created with the intention to provide help for chemistry students taking part in a practical course that follows the series of lectures in 'Structural Inorganic Chemistry' at our department. Like the lecture and the course, this tutorial has originally been in German. Because of its origin, parts of the tutorial are 'department specific', e.g. refer to the Linux versions of the SHELXTL programs.
For SHELX users interested in advanced problems and in macromolecular refinement, we recommend the other tutorials that are also accessible from the SHELX page of our site:
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