SHELX tutorials and talks

With the exception of Claudia's, Regine's and Tim's tutorials that have their own www pages, all these tutorials and talks are in the form of PDFs for ease of printing. Click on [P] to obtain a PDF with four slides per page to save paper, and on [Z] for a zip file of the test data. The talks from the SHELX workshops at the 2016 ACA and 2014 IUCr Meetings are also recommended reading.

Chemical crystallography
Claudia Wandtke, Eftichia Alexopoulos and Fabio Dall'Antonia: SHELXL & SHELXLE
George Sheldrick: Intrinsic Phasing (SHELXT) (ACA Summer School 2015) [P]
George Sheldrick: SHELXL for neutrons (TOPAZ Oak Ridge 2015) [P]
Regine Herbst-Irmer: Twinning (Göttingen 2012)
George Sheldrick: Classical direct methods (Göttingen 2008) [P]
George Sheldrick: SM direct methods with SHELXD (Göttingen Workshop 2011) [P]
George Sheldrick: SM structure refinement with SHELXL (Göttingen Workshop 2011) [P]
Peter Müller: SM disorder tutorial (2012)
Ton Spek: SQUEEZE (Mülheim 2013)

Macromolecular phasing
George Sheldrick: Introduction to experimental phasing (CCP4sw 2017) [P]
George Sheldrick: SHELXC/D/E (CCP4/APS 2015) [P]
George Sheldrick: SHELXE from MR (CCP4/APS 2015) [P]
George Sheldrick and Isabel Uson: ARCIMBOLDO (CCP4/APS 2015) [P]
George Sheldrick: Murnau lecture 2014 - SHELXC/D/E and ARCIMBOLDO [P]
George Sheldrick: MAD phasing (Göttingen 2010) [P]
Tim Grüne: SHELXC/D/E tutorials (2012) and tar file of tutorial and test data
Andrea Thorn: Macromolecular phasing tutorial (2012) [Z]
Andrea Thorn: Difficult S-SAD tutorial (2012) [Z]
Roland Pfoh: Macromolecular structure solution (Saskatoon 2010) [P]
George Sheldrick: SHELXC/D/E (IUCr Madrid 2011) [P]
Andrea Thorn: Twinning (Fukuoka 2012) [P]
Andrea Thorn: AnoDe (Bad Herrenalb 2012) [P]

Macromolecular refinement
Paul Emsley and Judit Debreczeni: Coot for SHELXL tutorial
George Sheldrick: Macromolecular refinement with SHELXL-97 (Göttingen 2010) [P]
Roland Pfoh: Macromolecular structure refinement (Saskatoon 2010) [P]

General crystallographic topics
George Sheldrick: Programs for multiple-CPU computers (Freudenstadt 2016) [P]
George Sheldrick: Data scaling with SADABS and TWINABS (ACA Philadelphia 2015) [P]
George Sheldrick: Symmetry in reciprocal space (Göttingen 2009) [P]
George Sheldrick: Space group determination (Göttingen 2009) [P]
George Sheldrick: Some algorithms used in SHELX (IUCr Montreal 2014) [P]
George Sheldrick: Electron density is complex! (Göttingen 2008) [P]
George Sheldrick: The bond-valence method (Göttingen 2013) [P]