Open access papers about SHELX

The following papers describe the use of the SHELX programs, and may be downloaded free of charge:

SHELXT - Integrated small molecule space-group and crystal-structure determination.

Crystal structure refinement with SHELXL - SHELXL since 2008.

A short history of SHELX. - SHELX in the years 1970-2008.

Comparison of Ag and Mo microfocus X-ray sources - Suitable reference for SADABS.

Macromolecular phasing with SHELXC/D/E.

Extending molecular-replacement solutions with SHELXE.

AnoDe - Anomalous and heavy-atom density calculation.

SHELXL: High-resolution refinement - Macromolecular refinement using SHELXL-97.

RIGU - Enhanced rigid bond restraints.

Refinement of macromolecular structures against neutron data with SHELXL2013.

DSR: enhanced modelling and refinement of disordered structures with SHELXL.

shelXle - Qt graphical user interface for SHELXL.

Advances in direct methods for protein crystallography - 1999 review.

The Bavarian State Library has very kindly put some SHELX-relevant papers onto its Open Access Leibniz portal. Click on Sheldrick to find them. They are planning to add further papers. To avoid possible misunderstanding, I should add that Göttingen is not in Bavaria and there are no plans to move it there.