SHELX registration for commercial use

This form should be used to register the scientist who will actually use SHELX. Please ask your purchasing department to email a purchase order etc. to dalila at with a copy to gsheldr at The licence fee per year for one site is 999 Euros, irrespective of the number of computers or users at that site, or 4999 Euros for a firm with an unlimited number of sites. Only paid-up firms are included in the userlist, but we allow two months grace to give time to complete the purchase the first time SHELX is licensed.

Please fill in the form below and then hit Submit. The purchase order and VAT numbers may be left blank and given later. Your input should consist only of normal ASCII characters (no umlauts etc.)! To make life more difficult for automated spammers, the "Xtal question" should be the name of space group number 19 (case-sensitive, no brackets or embedded spaces). When the form has been filled in correctly, the downloading instructions will be emailed to the given address. If this email does not arrive within a few minutes, please check your spam folder and that there is no typo in your email address! In the case of duplicate registrations (same name and either same address or same email) only the most recent is retained. So if you are re-registering because you have lost the password, please give the address exactly as it appears in the users' list. Please contact Dalila Griffin (dalila at or +49-551-3933022 between 8:30 and 11:30 am) if you have questions about the payment.